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    Carry On Cowboy is the eleventh in the arrangement of Carry On movies to be made.Stodge City is in the hold of the Rumpo Kid and his group. Mixed up character again takes a hand as a sterile specialist (handyman) by the name of Marshal P. Knutt is confused for a law marshal! Being the faithful sort, Marshal tries to help the town dispose of Rumpo, and a confrontation is unavoidable. Marshal has two guides – reprisal looking for Annie Oakley and his clean expertise.Outlaw Johnny Finger, also called The Rumpo Kid (Sid James), rides into the boondocks town of Stodge City, and promptly weapons down three complete outsiders, orders liquor at the cantina – frightening Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams), the teetotal Mayor of Stodge City – and slaughters the town’s sheriff, Albert Earp (Jon Pertwee). Rumpo then assumes control over the cantina, courting its previous proprietor, the sharp-shooting Belle (Joan Sims), and transforms the town into a base for hoodlums and cows rustlers.In Washington DC, Englishman Marshal P. Knutt (Jim Dale), a sanitation design top of the line, touches base in America in the trust of changing the American sewage framework. He incidentally strolls into the Commissioner’s workplace, supposing it to be the Public Works Department, and is confused for a US Peace Marshal, and is immediately conveyed to Stodge City.The Rumpo Kid knows about the new Marshal, and tries everything he can to murder the Marshal without being discovered, including conveying a pack of Indians, drove by their Chief Big Heap (Charles Hawtrey) and hanging the Marshal in the wake of encircling him for dairy cattle stirring. Knutt is spared by the ability of Annie Oakley (Angela Douglas), who has landed in Stodge to retaliate for Earp’s demise and has taken a jumping at the chance to Knutt.

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      • Movie Name    :     Carry on Cowboy (1965)
      • Movie Size       :     753 MB
      • Movie Quality   :    720p HD
      • Movie Type      :     Comedy


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Carry on Cowboy Movie 720p HD Free Download

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